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Tyshapay Enterprise for a Customized Payment Solution


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Growing large corporates and branded merchants

Tyshapay Enterprise for a Customized Payment Solution


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The Only Wallet You Need

Tyshapay Wallet gives you the freedom to shop online. With, or without credit cards, you can now easily make online purchases, or complete peer-to-peer transactions with all your friends. Hundreds of merchants are now accepting Tyshapay Wallet as a mode of payment, and the number continues to grow, providing more flexibility and convenience in spending online.

A digital wallet that provides convenience and security

Tyshapay Wallet is fully supported by BNI as our bank partner to guarantee the security of funds in your Tyshapay Wallet account. Fortified with an enhanced security and intelligent fraud prevention, it safely keeps your personal and financial information to protect you from any risks that may come in online transaction.

Easy Checkout

Manage your electronic payment activities with Tyshapay Wallet. The Single ID feature allows easy one-click checkout to protect your personal and credit card information, keeping your data secure while shopping online.

Socially Connected

With Tyshapay Wallet powered by Fastacash, peer-to-peer transfers are now social and secure. Send money to social media friends through your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. Express yourself and personalize your message by attaching an audio, video or image file.

Top Up Anywhere

You can easily put money in or refill your Tyshapay Wallet balance by cash top-ups at selected convenience stores or at the nearest ATM.

Get your Tyshapay Wallet Account in 3 Easy Steps


Create a Wallet account without any fees. Register online, or type "Reg(space)TyshapayWallet" and send via SMS to 3346 for BNI account holders.


Set your payment preference. You can top up your Wallet account from the ATM, selected convenience stores or link it to your credit card to make online payments.


Experience shopping online that is convenient and secure. Receive exclusive promotions from our merchants and be a part of the Tyshapay Wallet community.

We cater to branded merchants and large enterprises from various industries