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Accept Payments Instantly with MyShortCart

A ready-to-use solution to accept payment sonline, Tyshapay MyShortCart enables sellers to quickly and easily connect to various payment channels through a single integration. Start accepting payments from credit cards, Tyshapay Wallet, Internet Banking, convenience stores and ATM transfers now! Tyshapay MyShortCart solution is the easiest and fastest way to start selling online.

Instant activation, access to various payment channels, real-time notification and reporting, quick website integration or payment link generation has made Tyshapay MyShortCart the preferred solution for start ups and individual sellers. With an easy to use back office and accessible 24/7, sellers can upload their products and start selling on their website and any social media and messaging platforms using one solution.

Easy CheckoutSecure

Supported by Tyshapay's advanced fraud management, Tyshapay MyShortCart provides safety and ease for buyer and seller. Keeping records of your business activity, Tyshapay MyShortCart helps you keep track of your business growth.

Easy CheckoutFlexible

Manage your sales campaigns, pricing, and inventory as you wish. Sell your products and services via a link that can be embedded in various communication channels.

Easy CheckoutEasy

Sell with simple set up. Our set-up process will guide you through completing your product descriptions, pricing and photo. Transactions happen in seconds so you can focus on what really matters to your business.

And More Benefits


Various Payment Method

Tyshapay is directly connected to various banks and established payment partners, offering your customers the most convenient way to pay


Fraud Detection

Fully supported by 24/7 fraud screening technology, protects and reduce the risk of fraud on your online store


Buyer-Seller Protection

Our ESCROW policy assures protection for both the buyer and seller. The seller is notified by Tyshapay when a buyer makes a payment, and the payment is not released to the seller until the buyer confirms that the goods have been received. Completed transactions are paid to the seller’s bank account on a weekly basis.